We are here to help guide, teach and mentor you on your personal growth and spiritual path.

Welcome to The Eclectic Sage, Seekers! 

Your source for guidance, mentorship and education.

Everyone’s journey is unique and we strive to make your experience and practice unique to you.

The Eclectic Sage will not only provide guidance and mentorship as you embark on your journey, we will share our valuable tools and learning aids to help with the discovery of a new path and throughout your spiritual practices.

The foundation of our businesses and community heavily incorporates love, acceptance, support, guidance, mentorship and learning. These ideals are the forefront in which we operate; it is our integrity.

Hannah and Ashlee both have experienced, long studied and researched many spiritual practices, both professionally and personally. Through their experiences, they learned quickly that people often embark on their spiritual journey alone with minimal support or guidance. Realizing the crucial void and wanting to help in every way possible, they came together to create The Eclectic Sage; to establish a community to share their knowledge and love for spirituality with those who have a passion to explore and learn what the universe has to offer.