We are here to help guide, teach and mentor you on your personal growth and spiritual path.

About Hannah Mary

Hannah is an insightful light worker. She has worked with energy and spiritual practices for most of her life. Hannah is continually expanding her knowledge by studying and applying advanced techniques to obtain divine healing, development and personal-transformation for all lives she touches.

Through meditation and mindfulness she has assisted many on their path to creating balance in mind, body & spirit. She is passionate about helping others to achieve balance and clarity through these practices and strives to bring joy and peace to everyone she encounters.

Hannah has a BA in Psychology and Health backed by an AS in Applied Sciences - American Sign Language and Child Development. She has experience with crystal and white light angelic healing.

 “I am here to help you on your journey without judgment. I am here to guide and support you with positive insight that is lost on many others.  I specialize in Energy Healing and guidance with positive life changes. I offer a variety of services to help guide and assist you towards becoming the best you can be. Together we work with positive life-transformations & the practical skills that will help you achieve more balance, health and happiness in your life.”


About Us

Hannah and Ashlee have long studied, explored and practiced different areas and concepts of spirituality, energy, self care and healing.  They have come together to fill the urgent need for guidance in many areas for those on a spiritual path, many seeking wisdom and connection or searching for answers and direction.   

Over the course of their independent personal and business ventures both Hannah and Ashlee have found many people who are struggling with self-isolation and feeling of uncertainty about the world. When they came together, a vision emerged; if they could combine their long studied practices and concepts of spirituality, energy and healing to help transform the uncertainties into guidance and direction while forming connections and bringing forth light.

This vision has become The Eclectic Sage; a safe place, a brightened path, to assist anyone seeking wisdom and connection or searching for answers and direction on their spiritual path.  Together with their knowledge and experience, along with others who wish to dive into the different paths and practices, wish bring to light a community to share our knowledge for spirituality with those who have a passion to explore and learn what the universe has to offer.

With an understanding that we all have something to learn from each other, we embrace the knowledge of and experiences from all.

About Ashlee

Ashlee is an ambitious light worker with a love for mentoring others who are coming into their own spiritual path. Her goal is to provide a diverse, safe, loving environment to help create a practice unique to them. 

Ashlee has over 10 years of experience in working with energy and various spiritual practices. Her deep thirst for knowledge has adopted an eclectic style of learning giving her a unique vantage point in teaching and guiding spiritual practices. 

Ashlee has extensively studied History, Theology and Comparative Religions at Monmouth University.  She continuously studies a broad spectrum of metaphysical topics and techniques, including Ancestral lineage which originated from her curiosity and years of experience in Genealogy.

Special Thank you to Julie Butler for your assistance. Your innovations and engagements have helped to provide a service and create a positive impact for years to come.